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Information for Prospective Members:

     The Fire and Emergency Services Exploring Program is part of the Greater St. Louis area Councils Exploring Program which, in turn, comes under the umbrella of the Boy Scouts of America. Exploring gives high school students aged 14 to 18 the opportunity to gain insight into a fire and emergency services career and develop a road map for their futures. Students interact with Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and Paramedics, and gain experience in a work environment. Explorer Post Advisors offer students advice on the skills, responsibilities, and educational requirements for fire and emergency services careers.

    Exploring provides experiences to help young people mature and prepare to become responsible and caring adults.

     High school students enrolled in the Fire and Emergency Services Exploring Program will:
-   Gain insight into fire service and help develop a road map for their future
-   Develop the tools necessary for a successful school-to-career and school-to-higher-education transition
-   Develop potential contacts that may broaden students’ employment options within the fire service

Exploring’s Five Areas of Emphasis:

         Career Opportunities
           -   Develop contacts who may broaden employment options

      -  Boost self-confidence and experience success

      Life Skills
        -   Develop physical and mental fitness
        -  Experience positive social interactions
      Leadership Experience
        -   Develop leadership skills to fulfill responsibilities in society
        -   Provide exposure to different leadership traits
      Service Learning
        -   Encourage the skills and desire to help others
        -   Gain a keen respect for the basic rights of others
      Character Education
        -   Help make ethical choices
        -   Fulfill one’s responsibility to society as a whole


A Program for Career Education
      Youth Benefits
-   Stimulate interest in continual career information; provide insight into future vocation
-   Positive alternative to negative youth activities
-   Sense of acceptance and belonging to the “right” group
-   Safe environment for adult-like activities
-   Opportunities to participate in practical, real, and meaningful hands-on experiences
-   New career and personal skills
-   Opportunities to try leadership roles and develop new skills
-   Cooperative relationship between adults and youth
-   Service to others


   The Fire and Emergency Services Exploring Program will introduce you to many career opportunities within the Metro West Fire Protection District, some of which include:
-   Firefighter (Operations)
-   Fire Marshall (Fire Investigation)
-   EMT (EMS)
-   Dispatcher (Communications)
-   Inspector (Fire Prevention)
-   Instructor (Training and Fire Safety Education)
   Some of these positions- such as Fire Marshall- require a promotion. The point is, the Fire Department offers more than just the opportunity to become a Firefighter. Other career choices to consider include Support Services- such as Fleet Maintenance- and Administrative and Health Services positions.

Highlights of What Explorers Do:

-   Attend a meeting once every two weeks
-   Perform a community service assignment (help others in need)
-   Receive instruction in the operation of Department tools and equipment
-   Meet with other agency Explorers to share and exchange ideas
-   March (in uniform) in various parades
-   Attend Fire and Emergency trade shows

-  Compete in the following: ladder raiser, hose advance, search and rescue, first-aid techniques, (packaging for) non-ambulatory transports, and more.

-   Receive training in CPR
-   Learn basic first aid
-   Receive scholarships and awards
-   Receive classroom training in study and test-taking skills
-   Participate in physical training, such as basketball, handball, swimming, and health and nutrition education
Requirements to Join:
-   At least 14 to 18 years of age and enrolled in a high school, college, or G.E.D. program
-   Must show and/or demonstrate obedience to parents and adults
-   Proof of ability to maintain at least a 70% report card average
-   Must be able to attend four meetings per month
-   Provide a doctor’s letter of good health


    If you are interested in becoming a Metro West FPD Explorer, please contact Engineer Neil Matlock at  Please put "Explorer Inquiry" in the subject line.


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