The Metro West Fire Protection District is committed to “Community Risk Reduction” programs. These programs are a large part of our mission. The strategic goals are to connect with our community and educate them on preventable emergencies that can cause injury. At Metro West, “Community Risk Reduction” is represented by the Bureau of Fire Prevention (Inspections and Investigations), Public Relations, Public Education, Injury Prevention, and Public Information.

  • Public Relations – This program is delivered primarily by our on-duty Firefighters through scheduled or unscheduled events within the community.  All Metro West employees are responsible for the District image and their representation of the organization at all times.  The main Public Relations events we provide most frequently are block parties, station tours, & truck demonstrations. This is a very important process that Metro West takes seriously. Therefore, when you see a fire truck in a parking lot showing off the equipment to a small group of people please stop by and engage in the discussion.
  • Public Education – This program is provided through our “Fire & Life Safety Educators” who are all subject matter experts. Public Education programs are different from Public Relations in that they are based on a program curriculum that has measurable objectives that are intended to change an unsafe behavior. Public Education programs are most frequently delivered in a school, retirement community, or to an organization/ group. We have committed to each of our schools a “Fire District School Resource Officer” and to our retirement communities a “Fire District Liaison” who is assigned to address safety matters.
  • Injury Prevention – These are hands on initiatives that directly impact safety. On an almost daily occurrence our staff install “car seats” for expectant Moms, Dads, and Grandparents. Another service that this program area provides is the installation of smoke, carbon monoxide and gas alarms for residents. Our Bureau of Fire Prevention conducts “Life Safety Inspections” for residences, apartments, and businesses to ensure that the new owners/tenants can rest or work with confidence that they are safe. These programs are delivered by trained Metro West staff and directly improve the safety of an individual(s).
  • Public Information – In today’s world, information is readily available at the click of the mouse or touch of a screen. Sometimes it is difficult to sift through the web when searching for specific safety solutions. Metro West provides emergent and non-emergent information to the media, subdivision newsletters, our website, and, district social media sources. We believe in sharing information that impacts the lives of those we serve.

The differentiation between these areas of “Community Risk Reduction” enable our organization to, connect with our community, institute programs based on hazards, discontinue programs that are not needed, and manage our progress while truly serving the public.