Community based class teaching participants to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give chest compressions, delivery ventilations and provide early use of an AED. This is provided in cooperation with the American Heart Association. Click here to contact CPR Coordinator Katie Carr for additional details or to learn more about scheduling a class.

PulsePoint is a 911-connected mobile phone application which allows users to be notified and respond to cardiac arrests that are nearby in a public location. It also provides users with current real-time emergencies in a majority of the St. Louis Area.

Metro West provides Stop the Bleed training which instructs participants with direct pressure and tourniquet usage. This is for businesses, schools, civic organizations and churches.

Our Paramedics regularly attend large outdoor events as well patrol as our vast parks and reservations. These Firefighter/Paramedics are equipped with life-saving equipment and skills and can quickly access the more challenging areas of our community. Contact Captain Luke HolestineĀ  to obtain more information about our EMS Bike Team or to schedule an event.

The School District Health Alliance is a cooperative effort between Metro West and the medical teams at each of our schools. The goal is to provide training, partnerships and a community minded approach to health. For more information contact Captain Matt Coppin.

This program provides information on the early recognition of strike which aims to increase awareness, prevention and treatment. The stroke awareness program is available for large or small groups. Click here to contact Stroke Program Coordinator Zach Jones.

Much like our law enforcement partners, a connection with the staff and students within the education facilities is one of our most valuable partnerships. Each of the schools in Metro West have an assigned Fire District School Resource Officer that provides training and prevention education for staff and students. Contact Captain Matt Coppin by clicking here for additional information.

Healthy Heroes is a portable obstacle course event allowing children to experience firefighting skills while learning the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Metro West firefighter/paramedics will assist parents with the installation of child passenger safety seats. Stop by any of our stations to get assistance. For certified assistance contact Safe Kids St. Louis to have an expert installer contact you.

CERT provides life-saving training for adults related to the numerous disasters that impact our area. This FEMA sponsored course provides classroom and hands on training one night per week over eight weeks. The final exercise is held on a Saturday and ends in a mock disaster scenario where students rescue live victims and treat major injuries.

The senior living community is one of our fastest growing populations. It happens to be a high-risk group as well for accidental injuries and unattended cooking fires. Our Senior Living Community Facility Liaison Officers work with the staff and residents to create a safe and enjoyable environment.

For over thirty-years Metro West firefighter/paramedics had provided Red Card training that familiarizes Boy Scouts with first aid and CPR skills.

The STARS program helps caregivers of special needs of residents and by providing pertinent patient information to EMS prior to arrival. This St. Louis Area program is provided through a partnership with SSM Cardinal Glennon Childrenā€™s Hospital. Click here to contact Program Coordinator Gillian Satkus or visit the SSM website for more information.

The Vial of Life program assists individuals with having medical information ready for EMS; includes distributing pockets to elderly residents, senior livings facilities and special need residents. Contact Captain Matt Coppin by clicking here to learn more or request your Vial of Life today.

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