The Metro West Fire Protection District strives to continually provide the best quality emergency response services, and the most current life saving information for our residents and businesses. We provide the best in fire protection, rescue services, and EMS pre-hospital care. In addition, we place a heavy emphasis on fire prevention, disaster preparedness, emergency management, training, and injury prevention for all ages. The vision of the Metro West Fire Protection District is to be THE leader in providing public safety, protection, and education by setting the benchmark for all service delivery through international accreditation and excellence in responsiveness. We firmly believe that our organizations fire suppression, paramedic/EMS, rescue, all hazards preparedness/injury prevention, emergency management, and specialty services make us standout as a leader.

Call 636.458.2100 for administrative information.

Calls for emergency medical services represents over 80% of the over 7,000 calls that Metro West responds to annually. We believe that everyone in our community should know what to do if a medical emergency impacts you or a loved one. Take a CPR class, learn how to use an AED, and take first aid so that you can help prior to our arrival.

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EMS Billing Services

Community Health

Metro West provides more than high quality emergency services. Community Health focuses on providing our community ways that improve their safety and wellness. In 2021, we launched an expansion of these services due to the passage of Proposition V. Our staff are working hard to bring expand our existing programs and implement new initiatives in our community.

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Public Notice

The Metro West Fire Protection District places services and requests for products out for bid. Find out which bids are open.

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Administrative Services

The “Administrative Services” Division of the Metro West Fire Protection District is the hub for all business processes related to employees, financial, community programs, and other non-operational support services. If you have questions please feel free to call us at 636.458.2100

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Media Center

The Metro West Fire Protection District provides media representatives access to information related to emergency and business related matters related to the area we serve. We work diligently to be an effective and collaborative partner while respecting those impacted bythe emergency or matter in question.

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